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Final product with a shrink sleeve label


Shrink sleeve labels are increasingly used on the market of food products, cosmetics and in other industries. They ensure the creation of new, interesting packaging designs and promotional sets. They give products a modern shape and positively of changing their character and image. As a result, shrink sleeve labels allow for the acquisition of completely new groups of recipients and build a positive of brand image.


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shrink sleeve labels of Krea production

What are shrink sleeves can you used for? 


  • packaging creation - decorative labels;

  • packaging promotion - multipack promotional sets (combo pack labels);

  • product protection as tamper evient seals - as sealing and protection of the packaging and excise duty protection.



What are types of foils for production of shrink sleeves for bottles and other packaging?


We carefully select types of foils to suit needs of each packages, client's strategy and functions of a shrink sleeves. In extreme cases, we can use heat-shrinkable foils with increased shrinkage reaching up to 77%. We use special foils for pasteurization of products.


We most often use PET and ecological R-PET foil for the production of shrink sleeve labels.


We can also produce shrink sleeve labels from OPS foil and composted PLA foil.


We have also heat-shrinkable foils with a UV filter, which allows you to extend the shelf life of food products without use preservatives (e.g. to juices, yoghurts, milk drinks).












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What is a shrink sleeve labels? 

Shrink sleeve labels are custom-made, special foil labels with targeted shrinkage. When applied to a product and heated with a hot air, sleeve shrinks to fit the shape of the package. The standard shrinkage at a circumference amounts to approx 60%, of packaging and at the height it is almost imperceptible. Shrink sleeve labels perfectly fit to various shapes of bottles, jars, cans, plastic boxes, glass and other packaging, even spherical shapes.


KREA has 30 years of experience and profesional skills in shrink sleeve labels` manufacture. Sleeves which we produce are made of highly transparent foils. Our modern machinery park ensures the highest quality printing in flexo-UV HD technology.


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