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                             Sp. z o.o.

Kręta 1, 62-032 Luboń

phone + 48 61 855 20 88

e-mail: info@krea.pl




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  • We are a manufacturer of shrink sleeve labels with a rich history based on our 30 years of experience;


  • Creativity is inscribed in the name of our company - we have our own graphic department, where we will prepare unique label designs for your company;


  • We support you at every step by providing comprehensive service and technical advice in labels design, printing or application area;


  • We have a modern machine park that ensures the highest quality printing in flexo-UV HD technology;


  • Our company respects the natural environment, therefore we mainly use PET and R-PET foils for the production of labels;


  • We received the prestigious the Golden Pixel Award in the international Art of Packaging competition for creative graphic designs and excellent print quality;


  • In our offer you find also some products fe. for the maintenance of machinery which there are include for a lot of trades.


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