tamper evident sleeve with "quality sealed" writting

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shrink sleeve for the oval bottle with tamper eivdent
Tamper evident sleeves for bottles and other packagning - click!

Where are tamper evident sleeves used?


  • cosmetics industry

  • pharmacy industry

  • food industry

  • gas bottling plants

  • alkohol manufacturing

  • and in many other segments.


We are a reputable manufacturer of shrink sleeves with over thirty years of experience. KREA produces tamper evident sleeves for caps, jars, lids, buckets, valves for gas cylinders, boxes and other unusual packaging. Sleeves produce by KREA are also used on flip-top caps, twist off caps, alcohol bottles and wherever it is necessary to secure goods.



tamper evident sleeves wihout coloured printed
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What are the types of sealing systems with shrink sleeves?


The first sealing system is a shrink sleeve band that is applied to lides or cap of jars or bottles. It can have a perforation and a ribbon to facilitate tearing off (tir-tape). It is a cheap, easy-to-use and effective solutions to packaging protect. We can custom print or produced it colorless.


The second method is a decorative shrink sleeve that also has the function of tamper evident labels. You can also place perforation on it, which makes it easier to open the package. Additionally, we provide transverse perforation between the decorative label and the tamper evident sleeve. Such solution allow to retain decorative part of sleeves after delete seals. When you use such tamper evident shrink sleeves you will make sure that the product will be effectively displayed and profesionally protected.

Tamper evident sleeves – shrink bands

See below for our tamper evident shrink sleeves portfolio.

- KREA, a producer of tamper evident shink sleeves for over 30 years.

tamper evident sleeve labels, Krea manufacturer portfolio 1


Tamper evident sleeves are the tamper proof seal on the top of many products as: food jars, bottles, plastic boxes. It provides security and peace that your product is safe while it is displayed on the shelf. Shrink bands can be manufactured by us with highly transparent foils or they can be additional information custom printed.


What are possibilities of tamper evident sleeves?


  • provides a guarantee for the goods;

  • increases the prestige of the product;

  • ensures that it is perceived at a higher technical level;

  • it is an effective protection against opening;

  • increases consumer confidence;

  • protects against the possibility of counterfeiting brand products;

  • allows for sealing the closure ensuring protection against dust and dirt;

  • is an excellent protection of excise duty on alcohol.

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