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tamper evident shrink sleeves

shrink sleeves to preparatin of promotional sets



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- KREA, a producer of decorative shink sleeves for over 30 years.

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"Gold-painted Easter Eggs" shrink sleeve
jar labels example - shrink sleeve
decorative shrink sleeve labels for bottles with atomizers
etykiety shrink sleeve na kuli
the award for Krea company for shrink sleeves
a label for bottle - shrink sleeve with tamper evident label and perforation by Krea manufactured
easter eggs shrink sleeve "Gold painted easter eggs"
Easter Eggs shrink sleeve by Krea manufacturer - a envelop
candlestick and christmas ball with shrink sleeves

Decorative shrink sleeve labels

shink sleeve foils - oval shape of packaging example

We recommend shrink sleeve labels for below packagings:


- jars


- cans


- plastic and glass bottles


- aerosols


- for various shapes and forms, even spherical.


Decorative shrink sleeve labels are the perfect solution for:


food products

- juices and carbonated drinks

- chemicals- cosmetics

- pharmaceutical products

- various types of alcohols

- candles and many other products.

Entrust us with your a idea and you will receive a label that will distinguish your a product!

We will prepare a project graphic of each

shrink sleeve labels!

decorative shrink sleeve by Krea

What does the use of shrink sleeve labels give you?


Shrink sleeve labels protect the packaging, and their decorative function creates the image of the product, emphasizes its advantages and distinguishes the form of the packaging.


Shrink sleeve labels give products a modern character and interesting shape. Their area are a great place to display the brand image and marketing and information message. Thanks to these possibilities, your products can be distinguished on store shelfs. Shrink sleeves are a guarantee of maintaining and even strengthening the position of products on the market. So, don`t wonder more and will ask us about shrink sleeves for you!



Unlimited color possibilities in shrink sleeve labels


We have an unlimited number of colors, including stained glass as well as silver, gold and other metallic colors because we have a nowest flexo-UV HD printing machines. By using the transparency of the label, you can show partly contents of the package (fe. Colours of juises, soaps and other products). These possibilites of shrink sleeve labels allow of emphasizing the marketing message which attracts the attention of customers.



The award for our labels in the international WORLDSTAR Packaging competition!


We received the "WORLDSTAR 2019 Certificate of Merit" award in the international competition WORLDSTAR for Packaging for the high quality of flexo-UV HD printing and the use of rainbow colours produced in the cold stamping technology.


The awarded product in this prestigious competition were Easter Eggs Shrink Sleeves from the "Gold-painted Easter Eggs" serie, which we present below. The serie shines with polished graphic details in the colors of gold, silver, rainbow metallic and golden hot stamping also sleeves and a envelope. The serie is distinguished by a high print quality, rich colours and the use of advanced production technologies.

How are shrink sleeve labels made?


A print is applied to a sleeve foils with using of special paints and it made of on their inner side. This ensures colors saturation, print resistance to damages and a shiny, smooth surface of the labels. In this way, shrink sleeve labels protect the packaging, while the print is protected against moisture and any dirts. We transform the printed foil into sleeves and cut them individually or sale in rolls, as request customers.






Shrink sleeve labels offer unlimited possibilities of product decoration. Covering the entire surface of the package - from the top to the bottom and 360 ° around, and after shrinking, they exactly fit to the shape.


100% of a packaging surface with the most irregular shapes is a special place for decorations and information in the form of a shrink sleeve label! The products packed in this way look a very effective. They tempt with their appearance and encourage customers to buy it.


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shink sleeve label for juice can
shrink sleeve with tamper evident - Krea portolio
fullcolour shrink sleeve  with tamper evident and perforation

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