PTFE fibers, silicone fibers and other products for industriess

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PTFE fibers and tapes as well as other materials

PTFE tapes, PTFE films

KREA is an importer of industrial fabrics used in many industry tradies. For over 30 years, we have been offering PTFE fibers based on a glass fiber (beige) and with the addition of graphite and carbon (black version), as well as Kevlar® aramid fiber and silicone fabrics. These materials are available in large rolls and in smaller widths as PTFE tapes.


We sell fabrics with and without adhesive, with various factures among from a solid, porous, mesh texture, in several different thicknesses. You always can recive samples to test. KREA, as a supplier of plastics for the industry, has been successfully operating on the market since 1991. Such a long history of operating in the industry let us be a reliability Partner from You, with rich references and give professional technical advices.



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