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Shrink sleeve labels are interesting solution in labeling. This printed sleeves allow to precize application to even on the most irregular shapes of packagings. They always giving products a unique character and they can be protecting of products is not accidentally opened (if they have temper evident seals functions). Shrink sleeves emphasize products' image, their modern appearance and they have a influence for final perception by customers.


We have been shrink sleeve labels producer

for 30 years!


Trust our experience!


Our company offers comprehensive customers service and technical advices in the field of design and shrink sleeves' printing at every step of the discussions and realizatin orders.


Some steps to cooperarion with us:


  • we support you in packagings' selecting and designing

  • we advice you in select parameteres of shrink sleeve labels

  • if you need we with pleasure design a grafic project of labels

  • if you accept our offer we begin production of your sleeves as well as support you with labeling fe. we advice you which machinieries to choose for putting of shrink sleeve labels onto products. We also offer shrinkage service for labels to interested companies.


The scope of cooperation depends on your needs.


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phone + 48 61 855 20 88

e-mail: info@krea.pl




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