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Our mission


CREATIVITY is inscribed in the name of our company and it is important for us at every step of activities. This is the purpose of servicing our customers and order realization. Our design and technical departments work closely together. Their task is searching the best solutions for customers, implement new technologies and constantly increase productivity.


This way of thinking and working resulted in receiving the unique Golden Pixel Aword in the Art of Packaging competition. It`s the award is given for the best printed and refined packaging.


KREA this are:


  • a creative team of designers;

  • modern technologies;

  • comprehensive creation.

About us

KREA is the oldest polish manufacturer of shrink sleeves labels. Over the past 30 years, we have developed our technology so that the production of heat-shrinkable sleeves is at the highest world level. We deliver shrink sleeves to several hundred companies in Poland and in all the world.


We have been implementing the philosophy of "Creativity and pioneering products" for years. Thanks to we have become an active partner in creating and supporting branded products.


Apart from shrink sleeves production we also have two other specializations. We are a technical supplier for a lot of industry trades:


  • technical chemistry preparats to maintenace of manufacturies – we are the main of distributor Kema® products brand in Poland;

  • PTFE and silicone products such us: PTFE fabrics and tapes, silicone fabrics, PTFE foils, plates and hoses and other.


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