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- KREA, a producer of tamper evident shink sleeves for over 30 years.

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Krea is the main and the oldest of producer shrink sleeve labels in Poland. Trust us!


Our company supports different trades in the field of promotion. We know that a fast time and guarantee of deliveries are important in promotional campaigns. Therefore we realize orders for colorless combo pack labels in a very short time.


We will be happy to prepare a creative graphic design of sleeve labels for your company!


Our graphic studio provides services of preparing graphic designs for decorative promotional bands shrink sleeves as combo pack. Such a band can conteins a description of the promotion and many other important information for customers.You can also send us your finished a graphic design, which we will check it before printing.



Easy and very quick application of shrink sleeve labels allow you to conduct a small and a very large promotions in a short time. So, we also provide services of shrinking labels on the customer's packagings.


Shrink sleeves advantages as combo-pack labels:


• a discreet band is very effective and arouse positive reactions from customers;


• attaching a gadget distinguishes the product from competition;


• the resulting combination of products is effective and durable as well as it guarantees a safe arrival of sets on store shelves;


• graphically printed shrink sleeves supports a positive image of the brand in the long term;


• a promotional set with a shrink sleeve increases sales and profits.

Shrink sleeves labels let several products into a one promotional set. They are used in production of collective packaging, so-called multi packs or combo pack. You can use these type of labels to different types of promotional campaign as a joint to two or more products into a one set. You can complite products of various shapes and dimensions with a promotional set. Shrink sleeves will be the best solution to prepare such set.


Shrink bands are made of highly transparent foils and can be colorless or custom printed. Aditionally, for the unprinted sleeves, we can propose a self-adhesive stickers informing about a promotion action.


Sleeves to prepare promotional campaigns offer offer many possibilities. Thanks them you can combine everything - the same products or other asortments can be attached - e.g. gadgets which increase the attractiveness of the product. Companies also add free samples of a new products with using a shrink sleeve label. This increases the sales of the main product and allows consumers to get acquainted with new products.

Shrink sleeves for promotional sets - combo-pack

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