- Pisanki Polskie Klimaty - Easter Eggs Polish Impression

- Pisanki Alleluja - Traditional Easter Eggs

- Pakowanie zbiorcze - Bulk packaging

- Kartki wielkanocne z Pisanką - Easter Cards with a Easter Eggs sleeve

Our Easter Egg shrink wraps series:



Pisanki Kreazy Eggs® 

Pisanki Złotem Malowane - Easter Eggs Gold Painted

Pisanki Ludowe - Folk Easter Eggs

Pisanki Faberge - Faberge Easter Eggs


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Easter egg sleeves for shops and wholesalers


For wholesalers, shops and retail chains, we produce our Easter Eggs sleeves in several graphic series. Krea company's proposition consists of ready made graphic series which are packed in cardboard envelops as well as in display collection box. In on set there is 10 different designs.


As a producer we can prepare a distinctive design precise with your requirements for example logos, company name or slogan. Such specifical project can be packed an individual way like it can contain less or more desings with one envelop or it can be packed in foil instead of envelop.


Wstaw tytuł i opis obrazu

Na każdym obrazie możesz dodawać dowolny tekst - masz pełną swobodę.

Dostosuj animację

Animacje zdjęcia i tekstu możesz ustawić osobno.
Dzięki temu możesz uzyskać różne oszałamiające efekty

Masz mnóstwo możliwości

Eksperymentuj, uzyskuj oszałamiające efekty i oczywiście baw się dobrze.

Easter gadgets for companies - Easter Egg sleeves, shrink wraps 


KREA is a producer of seasonal products, which are Easter eggs sleeves. They are perfect Easter gadgets. They are flat, small and inexpensive!


Depending on your budget, the Easter gadget in the form of egg wrappers can be prepared as a set of 1, 2 or 3 Easter eggs sleeves. Such a gadget will effectively add customers' attention to your product.


We also produce special egg stickers with graphics and instructions for use. Stickers are used to stick the Easter gadget to the product. After removing the sticker, the packaging remains intact. For more expensive, branded products, we suggest packing the Easter gadget (fe. 3 egg sleeves) in mini-envelopes with multi-colored graphics, with your logo and wishes from the company.


Our Easter Eggs sleeves are a cheap and effective gadget.



Easter Egg Sleeves 

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Easter card with shrink wrap label

Easter card with Easter Egg shrink sleeve


Thanks to our Easter cards, you and your customers can share an Easter Egg because we have attached a Easter Egg sleeve to the colorful Easter card.


The addressee, in addition to the joy of wishes, will have a surprise and then great fun while making Easter eggs. The double card for Easter greetings contains the one Easter egg sleeve with a instruction on the back.

bulk packaging for Easter egg sleeves of Krea company

Bulk packaging


All series are sold in retail chains and are more and more popular year after year.


Display packaging = 50 envelopes

Collective carton = 12 displays x 50 envelopes = 600 envelopes.

Easter gadgets - flat nad cheap Easter sleeves for eggs
Easter egg shrink wrap Polskie Klimaty serie

• Pisanki Polskie Klimaty - Easter Eggs Polish Impressions sleeves


The set features characteristic figures in polish folk costumes and Easter traditional motifs such as palm trees, baskets, flags, flowers and other. The design has a lot of cheerful characters, warm, spring accents and animals such as chickens, rabbits, birds, sheep. Children particulary like this set.

faberge easter eggs shrink labels
Faberge Easter Egg sleeves serie

• Pisanki Faberge - Faberge Easter Eggs sleeves


The design is referenced to the famous Gustav Fabergé Eggs who was well known Russian jeweler in XIX century. The series were jewelery decorations on which appear rich patterns and ornaments with gold, silver, platinum coloures.

Easter Eggs as Fabergé was designed that it gives the impression of spatiality of decor and luxuary.

easter egg shrink sleeves Folk Serie
Folk Easter Eggs sleeves serie

Pisanki Ludowe - Folk Easter Eggs sleeves 


The product includes patterns that were taken from folklore motifs and they refer to the tradition of eggs decoration from different regions of Poland. Colorful, cheerful lambs, cockers, chicks, fish and other folk ornaments attract the attention of both children and adults.

Krea manufacturer of easter gadgets - shrink sleeves for eggs
easter egg sleeves Traditional serie

Pisanki Alleluja - Traditional Easter Eggs sleeves


The series are stylized on beautiful Polish, folk patterns. It marks out colourful decorative desings, a lot of plant motifs and patterns.

Easter egg shrink sleeves - Gold Painted serie
Easter Eggs Gold Painted serie - shrink sleeves

A elegant, luxury design which distinguish multi-layered openwork and colorful ornaments. Each pictures is decorated with golden, silver or mettalic details made with cold stamping printing method. The desing contains graphic plant-based and spring elements such as rabbits, chicks, cocks, flowers, leaves or hearts. 


Easter Eggs Gold Painted received the prestigious Golden Pixel Award in the Art of Packaging 2018 competition. This unique award was given to us for the best printed and refined packaging.

Creazy Egg - heat shrink sleeves for eggs
Creazy Eggs Easter Egg sleeves





Kreazy Eggs® Easter Egg sleeves 


These are colorful, witty designs that allow you to create funny animals from eggs. Multicolored patterns combined with funny facial expressions is just a cheerful proposal for a decoration called Kreazy Eggs. The serie includes additional items to cut and decorate eggs. These are: cardboard stands, feets, wings and ears that can be combined, glued or colored. The series particularly appeals to children and adolescents.


Easter egg shrink wrap how to make it
Easter eggs how to make

How to make an Easter egg with our sleeves? 


  • Put the colored shrink wrap onto the cooked egg.

  • Then put the egg into boiling water for 3 seconds. The foil shrinks under the influence of temperature and adheres perfectly to the egg. The Easter egg is ready! It's great fun and a beautiful effect!

KREA has been a producer Easter Egg sleeves (heat shrink wraps) for many years. We offer multi-colored Easter Egg sleeves made of heat-shrinkable method. These sleeves can replace traditional way of painting Easter Eggs. Such Easter Egg shrink wraps after purchase they are flat folded foil printed sleeves which you should apply onto the cooked egg.


Easter egg shrink sleeves of our production distinguish high-quality because the quality is important for us at every step of manufacturing and logistics processes. We have also a creative graphic studio so our graphic designs are very interesting and sophisticated. You find Easter Egg sleeves which extremely refer to Polish traditions as well as well as other creative series.


Easter egg sleeves produced by us are carefully packed in envelopes and they have the form of flat-folded foil sleeves. The whole family, sitting down to play together while making Easter Eggs, has a lot of joy and guaranteed satisfaction. Our patterns referring to tradition and folklore so combine elements of fun and education.

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