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Shrink sleeve labels are our the main specialization from above 30 years! 


Our production of shrink sleeve labels can be divided into three categories, according to their functions:


• decorative sleeve labels - allow you to place graphics on the entire packages - from top to bottom and 360 ° around the packages.


• tamper evident seals – as guarantee and protect the product.


• promotional sets – as combo pack lables which allow you pack several products and creating effective sets.

Tamper evident sleeves

Decorative shrink

sleeve labels

Labels to promotoional sets - combo packs

Types of shrink sleeve labels

types of shrink sleeve labels

Click below and visit subpages presenting selected categories of shrink sleeve labels:

drukarnia etykiet na butelki typu sleeve
plomby termokurczliwe sleeve
etykiety do łączenia w zestawy promocyjne

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